2021-03-27 Push Press

Evaluator: Tucker Jones

Movement: Push Press

Areas of Excellence

Areas for Improvement

  • demo - feet wide + low back arched
  • don’t say “you can drop the barbells”
  • have athletes wrap all fingers around barbell (if possible)
  • position where you can see more athletes
    • around perimeter vs in the middle
  • Stay and watch athletes after cue
  • keep working to fix fault
    • mix up variety of cues

Thoughts for improvement

Have you tried all the types of cue - verbal, visual, tactile?

Identify common faults for the movement and prepare different cues for that movement.

e.g. Athlete dips too low and doesn’t ‘get it’ when you say use a 2” dip.

-> cue through showing them what they are doing and how you’d correct it

-> “dip until your bar hits my hand”

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