2021-05-15 Low Hang Power Clean

Evaluator: Tucker Jones

Movement: low Hang Power Clean

Areas of Excellence

  • very good demo’s
  • good progression (can tell you prepared)
  • lot’s of movement w/ barbell
  • moved well through members
  • good temperament

Good mixture of verbal and visual cues

Areas for Improvement

  • a little nervous / uncertain
  • “shoulders over knees” -> shoulders should be in front of bar
  • tell athletes to use hook grip
  • call dip -> “High hang position”
  • didn’t do static low hang power clean
  • no cues on set of 5

use physical cues

Athlete Faults

  • Toes turned out in start position
  • no hook grip
  • high pull elbows back vs. scarecrow
  • head angle down
  • bar looping a little bit

Self Reflection

  • As I was working the athletes through the progressions, I could tell that I wasn’t catching faults that I should be. I had a whole set where I didn’t cue any of the athletes.

    • Before hand, think through common faults I know people will struggle with and prep the cues for them
  • Confidence in the presentation — not much I can do here other than keep doing it and know that I’m prepared and know what I’m talking about.

  • My movement through athletes was better than the first time

    • didn’t walk through the athletes
    • kept at 45º angles to see everyone at once
  • Feel good about my progressions that I take people through.

  • If an athlete over corrects, mention that and give another cue

    • e.g. feet too narrow then too wide on power clean

Evaluator: Ryan

Areas of Excellence

  • footwork (demo)
  • lots of work with the barbell
  • visual cues
  • great demos
  • great movement

Areas for Improvement

  • confidence - preach to do the same
  • grip cues
  • static low hang

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