2021-06-16 7-Fit Eval

Class: 7 Fit Evaluator: Tucker Jones

Take aways

  • communicating the literal points of performance is less important
  • Find the primary action and relate that to athletes in a way they can understand
    • wall balls - instead of saying extend your hips to extension.. EXPLODE through the top to finish the rep
  • Find ways to cue poor movement of an athlete without getting stuck on them (and leaving everyone else waiting)
    • Give them a cue and take a mental note to return
    • if helpful for everyone, give a cue to individual athlete and then get attention of everyone and go through the cue in a little more detail
  • Athletes that are convinced they can’t do something
    • take them aside after class and work with them to show them how they can make progress
    • e.g. can’t touch knee to ground
  • Think about the physical space of the workout.
    • Will there be enough room with what the CrossFit class is doing?
    • How many people are you expecting?

Warm up

  • Active coaching w/ lot’s of cues
  • Always start with foot position with any movement
  • Stuck on one athlete


  • demo and movement walk through took much longer than expected with 10 athletes
  • good demo
  • good job organizing class in lanes
  • finding faults (some of the time).. good on DL
  • good movement around class
  • Do 10 reps instead of 5
  • Demand more of each movement
    • don’t let people get away with 90% effort (hips sagging a little on glute bridge)


  • encouraging
  • good movement around class
  • good scaling help w/ med ball
  • Didn’t demo all the movements! (burpee)
  • demo first then talk technique
  • clock management
    • make sure you count up on a ‘for time’ workout
  • Run 2nd fan

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