Clean and Jerk

E3MOM 18 (6 rds)
3 clean and jerk singles
build in weight



  • Jerk set up (5 reps in lunge to jerk)
    • find a cross-section in the mats and stand on top of it
    • take a knee
    • feet should be about a foot away from the line beneath you
    • front knee should have a 90º angle
    • when you stand your back knee should be bent with your feet straight or slightly turned in
    • tuck your hips
    • keep core engaged
  • Jerk foot work (5-8 reps)
    • start with feet underneath you
    • 2” dip - chest up
    • drive your front foot out
    • land in the jerk position we just worked on
    • hold until I say reset (atleast 3 seconds)
    • check for knees being over toes and hips being tucked
  • tall Jerk (5-8 reps)
    • start in standing position
    • bar in front of face
    • get on tip toes
    • drive under the bar into the position we’ve been working on
    • speed under the bar
  • Jerk with bar (5-8 reps)
    • same idea as previous drill but with the bar
    • straight bar path
    • 2” dip
    • drive yourself directly under the bar
    • speed

(squat) Clean

Burgener Warm Up

  • Set up
    • feet under your hips in jumping stance
    • grip a thumbs distance away from your legs
    • hook grip
    • shoulders in front of bar
    • shoulders back and down fully engaged
    • core tight with a neutral spine
    • eyes up looking straight ahead
  • Pull (5-8 reps)
    • check extension
    • check arms for bend
    • check shrug
    • vertical shins
    • hips and shoulders rise at the same time
    • keep bar close
    • arms straight
  • High Pull
    • check order of operations
      • pull, extend, pull, turn over
    • check extension
    • stay above the bar
    • elbows stay on top not behind the bar
  • Power clean
    • break the glass
    • work your arms around the bar
      • not the other way around
    • speed!
    • feet move to squatting stance
  • Squat clean
    • pull yourself under the bar
    • you should move faster than gravity will take you
    • catch with an upright torso
    • feet in squat stance
    • elbows up as high as you can keep them

Clean and Jerk

  • do 3 reps

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