Push Press Progression

Below is documented a Push Press progression I would take people through aiming to use wording similar to what I would actually say.

Intro and demo

Alright So we are doing the push press today and I’ll just go ahead and show you what a few reps look like

  • show 3 reps from the front
  • show 3 reps from the side That’s the push press.

Points of Performance

Let’s break down the movement and go over the points of performance

  • You want your feet in your jumping stance which means right under your hips
    • if you walk in place and stop you’ll find a good starting point for you
  • you want your weight evenly distributed on your foot, driving through your heels
  • the front rack should look the same for the press, push press, and push jerk
    • elbows just in front of the bar with a tight grip on the bar
    • hands just outside of shoulders
  • as you dip, you want to keep your chest upright and dip straight down with knees out
  • Make sure you hit extension before using your arms to press overhead
  • and lock out at the top

Progression with Athletes

strict press warm up

  • Let’s warm our shoulders up with a 5 strict press. As you do these reps think about a straight bar path and getting your head out of the way as you press
    • keep ribs down
    • work on a straight bar path
    • get your head out of the way by moving your head back
      • give yourself the biggest double chin you can

check everyones starting position & few reps of the dip — slow

  • Now we’re going to work on the dip portion of the push press. It’s extremely important to hit these positions correctly because this is where the power is at
  • lets do 5 slow dips. Focus on keeping your chest upright, knees out, and keep your weight in your heels
  • This will not be the speed you will actually dip

dip drive with no arms

  • No we’re going to introduce some speed into the dip.
  • Do 5 reps with a controlled dip and explosive drive out of the bottom
  • focus on staying explosive and squeezing your butt. don’t use your arms!

a few reps with resets

  • Lets put the whole movement together, we’ll do 8 reps
  • Focus on driving your hips and squeezing your butt BEFORE you press with your arms
  • The power (and weight) comes largely from your hips
  • Lock out over head

then string it together

  • Now reset and we will do 8 reps strung together
  • focus on maintaining that up right torso
  • now that you are cycling still focus on driving your hips and squeezing your butt before you press

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