Db Thruster

  • PoP
    • start by cleaning your dumbbells to the front rack
    • make sure your feet are shoulder width and toes pointed slightly out
    • you want the back head of the dumbbell to rest on your shoulders
    • drive your elbows upward and maintain that position the whole time
    • keep your chest up
    • just like the Air Squat, initiate with hips going back and squat until your hips go bellow your knees
    • knees out the whole time
    • drive out of your squat and press the dumbbells overhead
    • important to make sure you don’t press too early
    • Progression
      • 10 reps db push press
        • dip and drive
      • 10 reps db front squat
      • 10 reps db thruster

[Air Squat]: Air Squat “Air Squat” [//end]: # “Autogenerated link references”

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