Welcome 👋🏻

This site is a collection of my thoughts that are organized into notes. They all very in length and polish.

Some will be quick notes for a specific task at hand that I found useful to have on the internet and others will dig deeper into the big ideas surrounding a topic.

Currently there are four main categories that I am exploring:


Crafting intent through whatever medium you find yourself in whether it's UI, learning design, or other.


The art of making money, mostly online, and everything that entails.


Building websites and programs with various languages and techniques.


The way I achieve health and increase my healthspan.

About me

I'm a web developer and learner advocate with quite a few interests as you can see above.

I currently work at egghead.io wearing many hats. We are a small shop so my responsibilities range from onboarding new instructors, supporting course design and production, and building out features to improve the creating and learning experience on egghead.

I'm also a coach at Boise Crossfit and enjoy getting people to move better.

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