Deadlift Squat E90

Thoughts and reflections on how this went: Deadlift Squat E90 feedback

Every 1:30 for 4 Rounds
(1): 10 Deadlifts  (50-55%)
(2): 10 BackSquats (50-55%)


  • Today is leg day!
  • We’re looking at high volume Deadlifts and Back Squats today.
  • This will be an EMOM style format where you will have 1 minute and 30 seconds to complete the movement you’re on.
  • We’ll be doing 4 rounds (of both Deadlift and Backsquat)
  • We want the weight for both bars to stay the same though if you want to make an adjustment after the first round that will work.
  • Also! Deadlifts are no longer dead stop. You can go touch-and-go with them as this is a lot of work
  • We’ll work through a deadlift progression to get ya’ll warmed up for the movement and then do a review of backsquat after with a set of 10 before you start loading your bars

Points of Performance


  • In the set up
    • feet under your hips
    • You want weight in the middle of your foot with your heel down
    • You still want to be able to wiggle your toes if you had to
    • Shoulders just in front of the bar
    • Back and lats turned on with your shoulders active
      • think about putting your shoulder blades in your back pockets
    • Core tight!
    • Gaze ~4 feet ahead of you with a neutral neck
  • As you initiate the movement you want your hips and shoulders to rise at the same time
  • When the bar is above your knee, you’ll bring your hips to the bar keeping the bar path straight

Back Squat

  • In the set up
    • feet shoulder width apart slightly pointed out
    • elbows pulled back and down
    • neutral spine with gaze looking forward
    • Big belly with your core tight
    • weight mid-foot
  • You’ll initiate the movement with your hips going back and down
  • Fight to keep your chest up
  • As you descend, your knees will track over your toes
    • keep pushing them out!
  • Finish the rep with your hip crease below your knees

Progression (for deadlift)

  • We’ll work on some elevator drills and then the full movement

Elevator Drills

  • This drill we will have you working on your positions during the deadlift
  • When I say knees — you’ll bring the bar to just above your knee making sure you’re in the correct position
  • When I say shins — you’ll bring the bar down to your starting position
  • When I say hips — you’ll extend all the way to the end of the deadlift
  • We will work through these positions a few times to warm you up

Complete a set together

  • We had deadlifts in the warm up but we can do one more set to make sure y’all are ready for some weight

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