Midline - Unmoving spine

Glute Ham Developer

Strength and kinesthetic awareness is the purpose of the GHD

Quick fast twisting movements

Core strength - midline stability are the same The core is strongest when it’s stable and unmoving


Hip Extension

Hip is dynamic. Glutes and hamstrings are working while abs are stable

Start at extension. Work to get lower and lower until you can hit 90º

25 reps slow and controlled and then you can graduate to back extension

Back extension

Gluten and hamstrings are static while the back is dynamic Specifically abs and erectors are dynamic 1 vertebrae at a time.

25 slow and controlled before graduating

hip and back extension

Back loses lumbar - dynamic hip - reclaim lumbar extension - hip - back goes back to flexion -


Ab mat

Ab mat fills the space in your lumbar curve so that your lower back can push into it as you sit up.

If you don’t have it, your hip flexors have to make up for the movement and the sit up becomes mostly hip flexor. Not bad but misguided if you want to focus on abs

25 slow and controlled

GHD - partial ROM

Hips off the pad. If you weren’t locked in you’d fall backwards

Extend knees violently to sit up

Use hands to give a target and increase range of motion to parallel

25 slow and controlled

GHD - Full ROM

Knees need to be in a straight line to shoulder. No more.

25 slow controlled

Low back pain No knee extension.. uses the psoas to pull on the spine vs the rectus famorus that pulls on hip

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