Hang Power Clean


  • Alright so we are doing the Low Hang Power Cleans today
  • I’ll show you what this looks like
  • show 3 reps from the front
  • show 3 reps from the side

Points of Performance

  • Let’s go over some points of performance
  • For Set up, you want:
    • feet under your hips in jumping stance
    • grip a thumbs distance away from your legs
    • hook grip
  • with the hang you skip the first pull so we will be focused on the second and third pull
  • You’ll start by bowing over until the bar is just above your knees
    • from here your shoulders are in front of the bar
    • your shins are vertical
    • you’re looking straight forward
    • back tight with shoulders back
    • knuckles facing the ground
  • as you extend into the high hang position you want to keep the bar close to you with your lats engaged
    • in the high hang position your back is vertical
    • your feet are balanced on the ground
    • you’re ready for extension
  • You’ll hit triple extension
    • with ankles, knees and hips all extended
    • shrug
    • high pull
    • and turn over
  • Feet shuffle out into a catching stance
  • hip crease stays above parallel


  • Burgener Warm Up
    • high-hang dip and drive
      • check extension
      • check arms for bend
      • check shrug
    • high-hang dip, drive and high pull
      • check order of operations
        • pull, extend, pull, turn over
      • check extension
    • high-hang power clean
  • work low and high positions
  • Low hang pause singles
    • check
      • vertical shins
      • shoulders over bar
      • back tight / lats tight
  • Low hang power clean singles
    • reset every time
    • check positioning
  • Low hang power clean sets

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