Hydrate dry sourdough starter


  • starter (culture)
    • The mix of of flour, water, and bacteria that creates delicious bread
  • Active starter (levain)
    • A starter that is at peak activity.
    • Typically has risen 2-3x it’s starting volume
    • A healthy starter will become active in 4-8 hours depending on room temperature
  • Dry starter
    • What you have in a jar to start
    • Dry starter is active starter that is spread thing and dried out. This preserves the bacteria to be reactivated with more water and flour
  • Regular feeding
    • Mix 5g starter, 20g water, and 20g flour until fully incorporated

Day 1

  • Put dry sourdough starter in jar
  • Measure 40g water
  • Mix until starter is thoroughly incorporated
    • This can take 3-5 minutes
  • Measure out 40g all purpose flour
  • Stir until mix resembles thick pancake batter
    • Any dry pockets will remain dry if not mixed properly
  • Let rest for ~24 hours

Day 2

  • some bubbles should be seen
  • Might have risen a little
  • Perform regular feeding
    • Measure out 5g starter
      • This doesn’t seem like much but I like to keep just a small amount so I don’t waste so much flour maintaining the starter
      • Discard the remainder of starter (it’s not ready to keep as discard yet)
    • Measure out 20g water
    • Mix water and starter fully
    • Measure out 20g all purpose flour
    • Stir flour until the mix resembles thick pancake batter
  • Rest for ~12 hours
  • Repeat steps from the start of the day

Day 3

  • it’s possible the starter has doubled in size and become fully active at this point
  • If not, repeat day 2
  • If active, it’s ready to be fed to bake a loaf of bread
    • If you are not not ready to bake you can store in the fridge for up to a month
    • Do a regular feeding and put in fridge after 2-3 hours so the starter is active but still has food while stored

Prepare starter for baking bread

  • Measure out 20g starter into jar
  • Mix 60g water and stir
  • Mix in 60g flour and stir until mix looks like thick pancake batter
  • Put a rubber band around the jar that marks the starting height of starter within jar
  • Rest for ~8 hour
    • I typically feed my starter before going to bed and start the bread in the morning
  • Starter should have doubled or tripled in size

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