Sugar and Processed Food

I see great content coming from CrossFit about the effects of sugar and processed food on health already but this is a huge and important topic that needs to be continually addressed. In my mind, CrossFit is one of the only spaces that is preaching the right approach to health in this regard. The mainstream media and health and wellness brands are not doing this topic justice. With well over 60% of Americans (hopefully the global number is lower but I would have to check) overweight or obese this topic is in dire need of clarification with the approach to cleaning up diets adjusted. We aren’t here to just lose X amount of pounds, while losing the weight is for sure a first step it is not the goal at the end of the day. Unprocessed whole foods are the key to true health (as defined by CrossFit) and set us up to be the best selves we can be. As a sub-point, the effects of a well-balanced diet on our immune system would be another topic that I would look to push forward. With the effects of the pandemic still unfolding, one thing is clear, we need to be healthier as a society.

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