zac standing in front of a waterfall

Hey, I'm Zac. 👋🏻

This is my digital garden where I add and refine notes as I continue learn. You'll notice that some notes are sparse where others are full blown articles. This is on purpose! As I continue to learn about a topic, I iterate and build on top of my notes.

One of my favorite features about my garden is that my notes are organized in a graph structure. When a note is linked by other notes you'll be able to click into that other note to see how it is being referenced.

The main categories I organize around are: Design, Development, Business, and Health. You can click through below and start exploring my notes.


Crafting intent through whatever medium you find yourself in whether it's UI, learning design, or other.


The art of making money, mostly online, and everything that entails.


Building websites and programs with various languages and techniques.


The way I achieve health and increase my healthspan.

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