2021-07-09 7-Fit

Warm Up (5 minutes)

2 Rounds
5 Pull-Ups 
10 Push-Ups 
100 m run

Strength (23 minutes)

  • demo (5 minutes)
  • work (18 minutes)
4 Rounds
10 Dumbbell Lateral Raises
10 Dumbbell Front Raises
20 Alternating DB Strict Press
10 Inverted Rows
1 min rest

Metcon (20 minutes)

  • demo + Db Push Press progression with added dip (6 minutes)
  • workout 14 minutes
14 single arm DB Push Jerks  (7 per arm)
14 V-Ups or Knee Tuckes

Cool down

  • smash shoulders
  • banded stretch on rig


  • inverted row
    • great exercise for upper back
    • this is done in the power rack
    • put the barbell in some J hooks
    • the higher the bar is, the easier it will be so we can find the right difficulty for you
    • IMPORTANT: you want to always be inside the rack so you pull against the bar
    • heels touching the ground
    • pronated or supinated, both work great
    • grip width is up to you, id recommend just outside shoulders
    • aim to touch right where you would with a bench press, lower chest
    • elbows in line with the middle of your body
    • scaling
      • feet flat with knees bent

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