2021-12-18 Snatch

Evaluator: Tucker Jones & coach/Kevin Pei

Movement: snatch

Take aways

  • watch the clock a little closer
    • if you have the time, add to the progression
  • more confident language
    • quit the ‘uh’s and ‘kinda’s
    • no one needs a high-level break down with their cue

Areas of Excellence

  • good progression

  • good mov’t around athletes

  • best projection I’ve heard from you

  • good job getting all types of cues

  • louder

  • walked around a lot

  • good use of names

  • a lot of great cues

  • control of class

Areas for Improvement

  • Pronounce “burgener” correctly

  • just show a normal stance

  • could have added high hang squat snatch, low hang, full snatch

  • at one point, visual cue with bard didn’t use hook grip=

  • “kinda”

  • A lot of verbal, technical explanation

  • say ‘low hang’ in 3 position drill instead of ‘knees’

  • look for hook grip

  • always show hook grip first

  • simplify directions -> “hang, low hang”

    • just say low hang
  • “kind of”

  • simplify cues

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