• Shoulders over bar at set up
  • PoP
    • Neutral spine
      • Flexion
        • Drop it!
        • Drop weight and say chest up
    • Weight in heels
      • On toes
        • Does majority of weight shift forward
        • lift toes up to sky, drive feet into ground
    • straight bar path
      • Squatting set up
        • Knees in the way and have to go around
      • shoulders rise before hip
        • Press knees behind you
      • knees push forward on the way back down
        • Hips back to fix
    • Hips and shoulders rise together
      • Hips first
        • Turns into an RDL
        • Less musculature
    • Active shoulder
      • Don’t want shoulders to yield to the load
      • lets the bar get away from the body
      • Loose lats
        • Shave your legs
        • Bar nice and close

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